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BlackPot is the ultimate app regarding all pot products, the breakthrough application and your guide to find information on pot, for both connoisseurs and newbies, to find the pot that’s right for anybody based on reported effects, feelings, and reviews of thousands of pot strains. The pot maps help you find nearby legal pot for your medical or personal needs. BlackPot is based on the concept of community. Create groups to talk about your favourite topics, with BlackPot, the sky is the limit! BlackPot allows you to explore the pot shops near you, read and leave reviews about their products, share positive and negative experiences. If you are a shop owner: showcase your products on BlackPot to gain maximum visibility, advertise new arrivals between your followers with few clicks and see what are your most loved products. BlackPot allows you to stay close to your customers, allowing you to answer questions and recollect opinions to improve your service. What if pot is not legal in your state/country? BlackPot thought about you as well! Our interactive map will guide you on the most recent news about pot from all over the world! In this way you will be always informed about the law in countries you are traveling to! Users can discover their ideal pot strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or pot edibles based on hundreds of thousands of user-submitted reviews, desired effects, aromas, flavors, recommended strain lists, and availability at nearby pot dispensaries or retail stores, anywhere where pot is medically or recreationally regulated. Using our detailed pot maps, you can find legal pot store, producers, dispensaries. Locate a legal doctor, clinic, pot dispensary, retail pot store. Review deals and specials, from pot stores, dispensaries and pot producers, read user reviews, and receive daily notifications from your favorite pot dispensaries and retail pot stores. Within application, you can find useful information on latest pot news and pot lifestyle information, the latest medical pot studies, legalization updates, and other compelling pot content. Read information and study how to use pot, how to grow pot, make your own pot edibles. No matter your preference, our app will help you find the right information and choose the right type of pot for your needs, and just the use of the app will get you high!

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